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Fishing Nets Get Recycled for Sustainable Clothing at Sea Culture


We made it our mission to work with charities fulfilling their goal for a cleaner earth, make products that last the long haul, and source the most sustainable fabrics.


We take recycled plastics and turn them into shirts and beanies that are completely made in the usa.

to date, we have taken over 1,000 
recycled water bottles out of the ocean and landfills and turned them into the softest t-shirts out there. 

Recycled Plastic Hats at Sea Culture Sustainable Clothing
Tee Shirt Made from Recycled Water Bottles Sea Culture

We work with charities that share our same beliefs that everyone needs clean water. 


Charity: water brings clean and safe drinking water to developing countries. Everyone on this planet should have the luxury of clean drinking water. We love the team at Charity: water and love how committed they are to their founder Scott Harrison, he's a great guy and has some of our earliest hats that we created. 

Charity: Water Logo Sustainable Clothing Sea Culture

People who have access to clean water now: 1.18 million

Whitecap Badge Sea Culture Sustainable Clothing

Underneath the brims of all of our signature hats is the White Cap Badge. It indicates that $1.00 was sent directly to Charity: water. We tally all of our hats sold and at the end of the year, we give to Charity: water in one amount. 

Whitecap Badge on Hat Sustainable Clothing Sea Culture
Charity Organization Sea Shepherd Sustainable Clothing Sea Culture
Sea Shepherd and Sea Culture Partnership Sustainable Clothing

Our collaboration with Sea Shepherd uses ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon derived from fishing nets, carpet flooring, industrial plastic, and fabric scraps to be turned into Swimwear. 

With their help, we can set new standards for brands looking to collaborate with nonprofit organizations. 

Econyl Regenerated Nylon Sustainable Clothing Sea Culture

Our swimwear is made using ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon. ECONYL® is a brand that focuses on ridding the earth of waste like fishing nets, carpet floors, fabric scraps, and industrial plastic that would otherwise pollute the earth.

Fishing Nets Used for Recycled Clothing at Sea Culture
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