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About Sea Culture Brand Clothing Store Skaneateles

Welcome to the world of 



We are a lifestyle fashion brand based out of Upstate New York with an attention to detail and craftsmanship. We think about every button, stitch, and style we design because, at the end of the day, we are making clothes that are for us. When it comes to the production of our garments, we source from all over the world to find the most responsible and ethically made fabrics.

"My deep appreciation for craftsmanship and attention to detail stems from my obsession with quality. When I set out to start this company, I wanted to do things the right way.  I care deeply about the impact we have on the environment so we try to source the most sustainable fabrics we can find and work with organizations to fulfill their goals for a greener earth."


"I am so grateful that you allow me to live my dream every day. Thank you for coming along for the ride. "

Dan Tagliamonte Founder | Designer

"I started working retail jobs at the age of 18 and fell in love with the clothing industry. For me, making connections with people was the driving force to start my own thing. Working for those bigger retail companies had killed my creativity and I was searching for something more. The things that we are doing, and the environment we've created has brought purpose and inspiration back into my life.

"We aren't just your average clothing retailer. We are a brand dedicated to the detail and craft."

Maria Sakran Co-Owner | Partner in Crime



With quality comes craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on working with factories that hold themselves accountable for the way they do business. Craftsmanship, to us, means things are made the right way. That means our products are not made in sweatshops. We know our factories, most of them are family-run facilities.

Better Cotton Initiative at Sea Culture Sustainable Clothing
Pure Wool Ethically Produced Sea Culture Sustainable Clothing
Regenerated Nylon for Sustainable Clothing at Sea Culture
Recycled Polyester for Sustainable Clothing at Sea Culture
Sea Culture Seaside Coastal Vibe Clothing Store


The Captain Icon at Sea Culture


We chose the captain as the face of our brand. We had this logo drawn up in 2016 by a graphic design friend that went to high school with Dan.

Men's Clothing Sea Culture Brand Beach with Surfers

The brand was launched in 2018 with only a few select styles.

Men's Clothing Tobacco Bay Henley Sea Culture Brand


Our first product was the Tobacco Bay Henley. Named after a cove in Bermuda. It's still our best selling product to date!

First pop-up shop out in front of a local clothing store. They carried our small assortment... probably 5 people showed up to the event.

Dan Tagliamonte Founder of Sea Culture Brand
Sea Culture in Forbes Magazine Online

Forbes wrote about us! They were interested in writing about small brands making a big difference. That gave us some confidence to keep going.

Launched our signature line of hats with our Whitecap Badge under each brim.... See our sustainability page for more info.

Whitecap Badge Sustainable Clothing and Hats at Sea Culture
Sea Culture Vibe Coastal Men's Clothing


October 2019 Founder Dan Tagliamonte meets his soon-to-be business partner Maria Sakran in the stock room of an L.L. Bean store in NY.

November 2019 we signed the lease to our first Flagship store in Skaneateles, NY. We renovated the inside ourselves to cut on costs.

Dan Tagliamonte and Maria Sakran Sea Culture Brand in Skaneateles New York
SEA SHEPHERD Collaboration with Sea Culture Brand Sustainable Clothing

2020 We collaborated with SEA SHEPHERD to make swim trunks from recycled fishing nets found at the bottom of the ocean... that was our first dive into swimwear. 



2021 We revived our classic Captains Hat. This was the hat that started it all for us. 

Men's Boating Captain Hat Sea Culture
Dan Tagliamonte and Maria Sakran cigar humidor at Sea Culture Brand


2023 Our custom made humidor designed by Dan was installed! Now we offer premium cigars at our Skaneateles Flagship.

2023 We are currently writing the next chapter! Thank you for coming along for the ride.

Future of Men's Clothing Sea Culture in Montauk, Martha's Vineyard
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