Fall 2018 line up

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Here is our Fall 2018 line of clothing, even though over here on the East Coast it seems like we skipped this beautiful time of year and went right to Winter.

Eco cable knit hat

Up first we have a pair of cable knit hats that will keep you super warm in the morning when you are scoping out the waves by the beach.


I took inspiration from the old school mariner look. I went through a ton of old pictures of dock workers and found some cool inspiration. The extra large ribbing on the cuff is taken from that vintage mariner hat, and the cable knit design is a modern touch that I added. We worked with our USA knit factory to come up with this design and it has been working great.

How to wear it:

Wear this with pretty much anything and it will be a subtle compliment. I imagine a guy or girl rocking these while going on a craft brewery tour in the colder months or even wearing it while you are winterizing the boat. Even though its portrayed as a winter hat, anything that we put out can be worn during any season.


50% recycled plastic bottles

50% rag wool

Made in the USA


Seaport crew sweater:

Next is our super soft and super versatile crew neck sweatshirt. This will keep you looking stylish walking to work but also comfortable enough to lounge around in on a Sunday morning.


This is something I wanted to create for a while: A sweater that's so simply crafted in design that it actually turns heads and raises eyebrows. I've been taking a lot of inspiration from my dad‘s wardrobe and this simple sweater was in it. We were fixing a stationary bike in the garage so we can still get our miles in during the winter months and he was wearing a sweater like with his sleeves rolled up. The next morning he was wearing the same sweater with the sleeves rolled up while we were going on a boat ride on the St. Lawrence river. That struck me as something i had to recreate but even more versatile.

How to wear it:

For the fellas, I can see you wearing it with your favorite sun washed jeans going to dinner or with some shorts and flip-flops sipping on a Corona by the water. For the ladies, I can see you wearing this as an over sized sweater with some leggings on.


50% french terry cotton

50% polyester



Surf Club t-shirt:

We have the Surf Club shirt up next. A nod to the West Coast surfing community, this clean and simply designed t-shirt will have you wanting to soak the up sun as much as you can.


I was inspired by the West Coast surfer. I love the laid back California style and I wanted to create a t-shirt that embodied that. I took more inspiration from the cool surf board companies and looked at their logos that they stamped into the boards and found that a lot of them use that underlining surfboard logo as their trademark. I took that inspiration and incorporated it into our Surf Club shirt. The coolest thing about this shirt is that its made with 6 recycled plastic bottles with a less than 200 mile manufacturing foot print.

How to wear it:

This is a laid back look so pair it with some shorts or trunks and you are good to go. I can see you rocking this on a dock grabbing some seafood and having a few cocktails. After a day out on the beach, throw this shirt on with your damp trunks and it wont be an issue. Because of the contents in this shirt I recommend you buy a size up for the perfect fit.


50% recycled plastic bottles

50% cotton

Made in USA


The Boat Flag shirt:

Next we have the boat flag shirt. This is a great one to wear during the transition into fall because of the darker color combo.I wear this shirt all day because of how comfortable it is.


I took inspiration from the New England brands and gave it my own touch. A simple boat flag on the chest of this shirt shows that you are a boater at heart and you love the water no matter where you live.

How to wear it:

Rock this shirt while you are taking the boat out on the lake or when you are stacking wood up to make a bonfire with the fam. Pair it with a baseball cap and you look fit to conquer any condition.


100% cotton

Screen printed in house



I hope you like our blogs and want more! we are currently working on more and more blog ideas to get your mind off of that daily work struggle we all gotta deal with.

Keep Sailin,

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