This video came across my feed last night and I thought it was a perfect introduction into the topic of sustainability and conservation. If you are a nerd like me you will really enjoy this, sit back,sip your coffee and give it watch.

Now if you are also like me and have an attention span of 3 seconds and didn't watch the video then ill summarize it for you. Millions of plastic bottles end up in a landfill each year, when rain trickles down it mixes with the plastics and makes a toxic smoothie for the soil underneath it. It takes 1,000 years for 1 bottle to decompose. To battle this problem there are manufacturers like ours who break down these recycled plastics and turn them into items like shirts, hats, shorts etc.

So, how do we fix these problems?

Tip 1: instead of buying pallets of plastic water bottles, convert to a BPA free water canteen (We have them coming soon) and fill it every morning.

Tip 2: SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS AT THE GROCERY STORE. Grab the paper bags and call it a day.

Tip 3: If you find a piece of trash on your morning walk on the beach or in the city please pick it up and throw it out.

Tip 4: If you do none of those tips that i laid out.. just simply recycled your plastics, they will get compacted and sent to factories that break them down and turn them into fabrics like our factories do.

We have to make a change or else our oceans will become a plastic grave for the animals that inhabit it.

Youtube video from Ted-Ed

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