The Hat

Updated: Jul 5, 2018


Everyone has that hat.

The one where the brim is perfectly rounded and the fit just doesn't compare to anything else. To me, hats tell a story, they travel with you everywhere. Anytime you walk around with that perfectly fitting hat you seem to always catch a couple compliments.

I've had about 4 hats in my lifetime that lived up to that standard. I crave creating that feeling I had when I first put on that perfectly molded, expertly crafted, and comfortable as hell baseball cap. Anyone can pull off wearing a hat you have to own it and be confident though. You can always spot a person wearing a baseball cap for the first time, it just doesn't look right.

I can remember the best memories always having one constant, I was wearing my favorite hat. I worked wearing it, I'd sweat wearing it, I fished wearing it, and I most certainly had a couple of drinks wearing it. It's funny now because back then i used to sit there and scrub the sweat off of the brim for hours. When I see a hat now with sweat rings around the brim I look at it like rings around a tree, its been lived in and it for sure has seen a couple memories. A good hat becomes as close as family sometimes.

When you encounter a good fitting hat, you wear that sucker until the seams pop off.


I'm not a fashion designer by any means. All I know is that I wanted to make something that you can wear on the boat, the bar, the beach and the links. It needed to hold up to my standards though, That's why our sailor logo works so well. Sailors are the most free and hard working people you'll ever meet. They know how to have a good time but also appreciate craftsmanship and the hours put in to making something great.


Throw a hat on, have a good time, make a memory.

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